What are you looking for?


- Data & research evidence 

ACT has the experience, human resources and technology to collect any data 

a network of well-trained enumerators in  Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstandata

collection partners in all other countries of operation

computer-assisted data collection using GPS-enabled mobile devices


- Institutional capacity building 

We work with government institutions, donorfunded projects, and large businesses to raise their effectiveness by identifying capacity building needs and delivering relevant trainings, knowledge sharing, team building and coaching schemes


-Environmental & social impact assessment

We consult public and private sector actors working in energy, infrastructure, mining and other industries to design and implement interventions that minimize the impact on local communities and comply with requisite environmental, health and safety standards


-Policy analysis

ACT Impact employs professional economists with the experience of conducting policy studies and delivering  policy advice on topics ranging from education to agriculture and rural development, to regional integration, to industrial and international trade, to good governance and anti-corruption policies.


-Public outreach & stakeholder engagement

We help our public and private sector partners to build bottom-up outreach strategies facilitating stakeholder engagement and common goal orientation.  We employ participatory techniques to reach relevant target audiences and engage them in discussions and decision-making ensuring joint ownership and sustainability.


-Business studies

 ACT helps business clients with advice on strategy, organization, market expansion, new product development, export and internationalization. We help Georgian companies to go international, and assist international brands seeking to launch their services and products locally