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Strengthening Capacity of Active Rural Citizens of Ajara


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Funded By:

European Neighborhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD)


November, 2016


September, 2018

Areas of Expertise:

Public Policy Development,

International Economic Development,

International Economic Development,



About the Project

Rural development has an important role to play in the sustainable development of Georgia. The Need for rural communities to approach development from a wider perspective has created more focus on a broad range of development goals rather than merely creating incentive for agriculture development. Under ENPARD II, UNDP is implementing the project “Support to Rural Development in Georgia”. Project aims to establish and implement Rural Development Strategies for Georgia and its Ajara region respectively.


On May 17th, 2016 The 2016-2020 Rural development Strategy of AR Ajara was approved aimed at increasing the quality of life in rural areas, promoting vibrant, resourceful, and enterprising rural communities, enhancing the sustainable management of natural resources, and assisting the diversification of rural economy. It represents new approach and the emphasis is placed on the European experience of supporting rural areas through fostering knowledge, innovations, and bottom-up participatory processes leading to sustainable rural development outcomes.


The strategy adoption was followed by the establishment of the Rural Development Council of Ajara (RDC) within the Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara. Formation of new council called upon adequate capacities of individuals and institutions involved in the rural development policy development. In 2018, under EU funded ENPARD UDNP Project SRDG initiated a Public Policy Leadership and Management Training Program.


The overall objective of the Rural Community Capacity Building Programme is to build community capacity and enable individuals, groups and community activists in rural areas of Ajara to develop the confidence, understanding, and skills required to influence rural policy dialogue and decision making through established AMAGs. This includes enabling communities to provide and manage Local Actions to meet rural needs; enabling communities to have a real influence over the planning, delivery and quality of mainstream municipal services related to rural development, as well as specific initiatives such as those aimed at achieving 6 priority goals for integrated rural development of Ajara.


Our Role  

ACT Team elaborated and delivered interactive training program for the members of AMAGs across Ajara Region. Capacity development activities were focused on the following fields: Leadership, Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) and CLLD in Practice, Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills, Economics, Environment, Social/Employment, Market-Oriented Business Development and Marketing.


Project Outcome

ACT delivered trainings to 189 active rural citizens, representatives of AMAGs in the following fileds:

·         Leadership and Teambuilding

·         Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) and CLLD in Practice: relationship between the strategy, partnership and area

·         Training in Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills

·         Sector-specific Knowledge Training:

o   Economic

o   Environment

o   Social/Employment