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Data Quality Review for the Georgia Compact II


MCA Georgia

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MCA Georgia


December, 2017


November, 2018

Areas of Expertise:

Monitoring & Evaluation,

Infrastructure (water, energy, transport, telecommunications),



About the Project

On July 26, 2013 the Government of Georgia (GOG) and the United States of America, acting through Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), signed a Compact Agreement for a US $140 million grant to strengthen good governance, economic freedom, and investments in Georgia. The five-year Compact entered into force (EIF) on July 01, 2014. The objective of the Georgia II Compact is to support strategic investments to the Program which consists of three Projects: (1) Improving General Education Quality Project (IGEQ); (2) Industry-led Skills and Workforce Development Project (ISWD); and (3) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Higher Education Project. These projects respond to constraints to economic growth, by aiming to improve the poor quality of human capital in Georgia.

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Unit, established within the MCA-Georgia, is implementing a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (M&E Plan) developed by the MCA-Georgia in collaboration with MCC to conduct program performance monitoring and evaluations. MCA-Georgia regularly updates M&E Plan that includes data quality reviews as a critical component of M&E Policy.


Our Role 

ACT Team verified the consistency and quality of data among the Program implementing agencies and other reporting institutions. The data reviewed included administrative data: data collected and reported by the Government Entities and consulting firms Contracted by MCA-Georgia.

The specific objectives of the DQR were following:

-          Verify baseline and historical data for monitoring indicators;

-          Identify where external data sources have been used and confirm their accuracy on the ground and/or between data sources or reports. If not confirmed, identify alternative local sources of data;

-          Identify where new data is required, suggest appropriate method of data collection and sources of the data;

-          Identify capacity needs for data collection and make recommendations on the most appropriate data collection, storing and management tools and systems for MCA-Georgia and IE/Consultants, as well as training needs.


Project Outcome

ACT conducted quality review of the data generated by MCA Georgia, GoG and MCA Georgia consultants against data quality standards and criteria set in the M&E Plan. DQR covered two main directions:

-          Review of indicators and baseline data used to develop the program logic which are included in MCA-Georgia indicator tracking tables (monitoring indicators only);

Verification of the data on School Conditions and Cost Assessment